Joe Nicoletti has been selected as the Democratic Party designee for Mayor in the 2017 election.  Joe Nicoletti has been a dedicated public servant all his life.  Born and raised in the city of Syracuse, Joe attended public schools, graduated from Syracuse University and the MaxwellSchool of Citizenship and Public Affairs.  Joe has been elected and served as the Majority Leader and Minority Leader of the Syracuse Common Council.  He was also elected and served as a member of the New York State Assembly.   He is currently serving the residents of Syracuse as Councilor-At-Large. During Joe’s tenure at City Hall he has been appointed to lead numerous administrative departments  including Director of Operations.  One of his favorite projects was overseeing the restoration and recreation of Clinton Square with its beautiful water feature and green space into the centerpiece of Downtown Syracuse. Joe’s campaign has two priorities:

1.)  Become the “Neighborhood Mayor” by bringing back the fabric of our city neighborhoods, restoring efficient city services, providing effective code enforcement, instituting a community policing policy that will decrease crime and finishing the job of renovating our city schools and converting them into community schools that provide enhanced student support through family-centered services.

“Syracuse is my home, I love this city.”

2.)  Declare our city “Open for Business” by creating an open-door atmosphere where business and developers that want to locate in the city, are met with a willingness to listen and negotiate.  Community Benefit agreements will go hand-in-hand with incentives to provide a winning combination for both the developer and the community alike.  Above all else, Joe is a family man.  He is most proud of his daughter Elizabeth, and can now brag about his two grandchildren.  Joe still lives on the city’s Northside and says that this is where he plans to stay. “Syracuse is my home, I love this city.”